Ultimate Surrender Video – Ultimate Fighters

Another fresh week and time to check out a new ultimate surrender video once more. We promised you there’d be more and as you also know by now, this very site is the best place to come and visit if you want to see some mostly naked chicks getting to wrestle one another for victory and for the chance to fuck the loser with some toys. We always aim to bring you the best and this isn’t a exception. It’s time for the grand final of this tournament that was going on for a bit, and you can see two of the finest ultimatesurrender babes getting down on the floor for this one. It’s bout to be a match of epic proportions and there’s no way that you can miss out on this great update!

Sit back and relax as soon as the cameras start and you can see the babes entering the arena floor all ready to battle. And what a battle it was as the two ladies grabbed one another and didn’t give each other any sort of breathing room for the whole duration. One of them barely won in the end and she took her well deserved prize. Even the defeated babe was more than happy to bend over for her and let her stretch her cunt out with a nice and big toy as a reward. So enjoy the match and see them fucking passionately on the floor after the whole thing to celebrate. We’re sure you’ll love it and we’re hoping you’ll check out the past scenes too for even more sexy and kinky content!

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Ultimate Surrender Video

Hi there guys and gals. welcome as always to more ultimate surrender matches with kinky lesbian babes getting down and dirty. Today we feature a match and scene between two babes one the master of the other in the past as she taught her all of the tricks and you can see them throwing down today. You get to watch who is better, the babe that has all the tricks in the book, or the fresh babe that puts a new spin on all the moves to make them somewhat better. Well trick’s on the new babe. You see, that personal spin helps her against babes in her category of weight. But since her teacher is one category above, that’s not very effective.

Well either way, in today’s ultimatesurrender match, the student learns another harsh lesson, but she’s still going to be enjoying it at the end of it all. So right from the beginning when the bell rings she tries to be fancy, something that the other babe found amusing and let her play around for a bit. When she was done with that, she pinned her in an instant and took the victory. Well with that the smaller babe gets to bend over for her teacher and then you can see her getting a hard and deep anal and pussy plowing doggie style today. Enjoy the video and be sure that there’s going to be more of them from now on around here as we go forward. See you all next time with more scenes!

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Interracial Fighting

Well we have quite the naughty update here at ultimate surrender today. We wanted to bring you this gallery without fail today as you get to see a black chick settling an argument with a fellow fighter in the ring and she proves to be the victor quite quick as well. And as you know, defeat in these matches spells a rough fuck to the loser as they have to give up their holes to the winner. Let’s take our time to sit back and check out this amazing scene as well and see the ultimatesurrender once more as the ebony gets to play with her newfound prey today shall we? You are about to check out some hard style pussy play in this scene and all the images in the gallery too!

Anyway, sit back and enjoy the view of the black babe taking a strong lead from the very start, basically overpowering the chick as much as she wanted and playing around with her. When she finally had enough entertainment and she got her super wet by teasing her pussy, you can see the chocolate beauty whipping out her big strap on and spreading the legs of this babe. Watch her fuck her fast and hard as she makes her moan in pleasure and by the end of it all, the white babe gets an orgasm too. It’s amazing to watch and you should stay tuned for some truly special updates in the following weeks. We’ll see you next time with the new content!



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Fight Night

Fight Night is the main ultimate surrender event venue that everyone gets to come and see and of course it features a audience as well. And nothing makes these babes fight harder for the win than the prospect of getting to be on the receiving end of a strap on dildo right in front of a crowd. Today it was blue vs green, but since only one green member was able to show, this would quickly become a two on one situation where the green team would end up losing fast. It’s okay, there were many more matches that took place, but this one is by far the best as the green team babe didn’t even try to fight it. She just let the blonde and the ebony red head do what they wanted to her!


Which is pretty courteous of her to take her ultimatesurrender punishment in front of the crowd. That or she was just horny and she wanted to get double teamed by the other two babes. Well whatever the case, it was over quick with the two declared the winners. So the dildos came out and the chocolate babe along with the blonde first take the green team babe from both ends, one penetrating her pussy and the other making her suck that dildo. Before you know it, the two are double fucking her in her ass and pussy while she moans loudly in pleasure. Great scene with great babes and you can be sure that some more of them will arrive next week as well. So let’s check them out!

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Ultimate Surrender – Girls Fighting

Hey hey hey, we have some more fresh and hot ultimate surrender updates to show you and just like usual they are nothing short of incredible. What can you expect to see in today’s scene? well the claim that it’s incredible isn’t false, you get to see what happens in tag matches this time. So now, we have two teams with three fighters each as they get around to prove their supremacy in this teaming up wrestling match. All nude too of course as is customary of ultimatesurrender here. Anyway, the teams are black and green and we’ll refer to them like that just like we did in past scenes as well. So let’s sit back and enjoy the view of this gallery as we bet you’re eager to check it out too!

So yeah, what you can expect to fin here today in this multi babe matchup is a struggle for the belt and it’s nothing short of incredible to behold as well. Let’s get straight to business as the babes enter the ring. And the extra rules dictate that they can tag in and out with their teammates on the fly too. That makes for some quality entertainment as you get to see the match slide from one team to the other as their members dominate one another. Well at one point, two black team members ended up teaming on a green one and that spelt the doom for the team as she couldn’t get up. See the green team getting fucked with sex toys afterwards for some incredible scenes as well!


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Lesbian Wrestlers

Another fresh week and it’s time to see a brand new ultimate surrender scene here. You know that you’ve come to the right place as this is the best place to be when you want to see some incredibly hot looking wrestler babes getting to throw down with one another and they get to fuck each other hard. It’s called ultimate for a reason, as by losing the babes have to give up their eager holes to the victors of the match and you can bet that that ends in some incredible lesbian femdom empire fuck scenes every week. So let’s watch the babes in the pink and purple team have another superb match today and let’s enjoy another truly superb ultimatesurrender scene without any more delays!

ultimate-surrender-lesbian-wrestlers The show begins with our two teams making their introductions first and foremost and saying a bit about their oponent too which of course is taunting and teasing them. And that as you can pretty much guess, gets to be transported to the ring where our two lovely ladies have their fight. The short haired red head was the purple team and her buddy was pink. And you just have to watch her and the other one struggle for dominance today. In the end the red head lost and she had to bend over and take that huge dildo deep inside her wet pussy and tight ass. Which also made the whole match worth it even more to sit through. Have fun and see you all soon with more updates!


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Ultimate Surrender – Loser Gets Fucked

Welcome to this week’s ultimate surrender match where you get to see another struggle for the win between a pair of simply delicious ladies. This time split into team red and team yellow. This was a normal match for the two to progress in the tour bracket and it sure went down in an amazing way, so rest assured that you need to check this out without delay today. Let’s take the time to see another pair of eager and horny babes getting down and dirty with each other as they don’t play by the rules in their kinky wrestling match today. Either way, one of them was getting her sweet and wet pussy dildo fucked and there was no way around it so let’s get those cameras rolling shall we?

As soon as the matchup starts like all the matches that you’ve seen, this one starts as a battle of attrition with neither babe getting to prove stronger than the other. Red takes yellow to the mat where she hopes to get the advantage, but it seems that yellow still can’t be subdued. That’s until red finds a dildo on the side of the ring and starts to make use of it. You can see Yellow quickly losing grip on red as the latter gets to play with that dildo and her cunt and it doesn’t even need to go to the ultimatesurrender, as it seems to be going down midway through the match. So watch the long haired babe moaning in pleasure as her cunt gets stretched in the ring with a big toy! Bye!


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One on One Fight

Today’s ultimate surrender scene features another superbly hot and sexy one on one fight with a blonde and a brown haired babe. This is just between the two of them and we’ll call them pink for the blonde and green for the other babe respectively. Green here wants to move up some categories, but as you know, it’s not as easy as just noting your name down vs heavier opponents. And to break out of her category, she has to go through pink here which guards the next category with sternness. So today’s match was for them to settle this once and for all. And pink’s been waiting for this ultimatesurrender match for a time now as she wants to teach green a thing or two about respecting the better fighters.


As it turns out, green tends to be disrespectful to pink anyway and this scene was going to end up teaching one of them a lesson. As a hint, it’s green, but you can already tell that can’t you? well anyway, pink makes quick work of green’s attacks and before green knows it, she’s taken to the floor and put in a pretty strong leg lock that she cannot hope to break free due to her size and small weight. And she just sits there until she’s forced to tap out to the blonde. And now as the victor, you can see pink having all the fun that she wants with green’s pussy, teasing her and finger fucking her right there in the ring to teach her a lesson in respect. Enjoy the update and see you all soon!

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Ultimate Fight

Hey there again everyone, ultimate surrender here with some more new scenes. We know how much you adore seeing some sexy babes having their wrestling style catfights and you can see them deciding a victor and a loser. And the best part about the whole deal is that the loser has to do the winner’s bidding, which usually is just a all out fuck fest being on the receiving end right there in the middle of the ring! Anyway, today we have two of our champions settling a grudge match and they represent the purple and green teams respectively. Let’s not waste anymore time and just get those cameras rolling to see our two babes try the ultimatesurrender shall we?

Purple and green are starting it strong with both of them attempting for a good while to gain a foothold over the other’s position without much success. And after some time, the fight goes to the floor where green knows she can win as she has more superior grapple techniques. And all would have worked fine for her if purple hadn’t employed some dirty tricks. Which of course involved her starting to play with green’s pussy which made her loose focus for a second. And a second was all that was needed for that grip to reverse. Enjoy seeing green lose the match to that naughty finger fucking deal and then see her fucked hard some more by the victor on the arena floor today! Bye bye for now and see you soon!


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Ultimate Surrender – Unfair Fighting

Hey there guys, welcome back to more new ultimate surrender updates today. Well you have seen what you can expect to find here last week so let’s just get into the nitty and gritty today. The title of this scene is pretty accurate as the matchup was a 1v1v1 style one and three babes were to face off against one another. But with more opponents comes the chance for foul play and the babe on the purple team learned this the hard way today. Let’s get to see her fighting against a experienced mature babe wrestler on the black team and another sexy hottie on the purple team. We guarantee that you won’t forget this superbly hot and sexy ultimatesurrender scene too soon guys!


The cameras start to roll and the matchup starts with all three of them trying to establish dominance over the others. Well after some skirmishing, the mature and the purple team babe decided to team up, which was good as only the last place would get to be on the receiving end of the winners. It was all over in a flash for her as they just pinned her down and then settled among them for the 1st and second spot. Then the strap on dildos cam out and the mature was going to take that pussy. See the pink team babe plowed hard style with a huge toy and see the other babe teasing her and playing with her perky tits as she gets fucked on the floor. Enjoy the lesbian scene everyone!

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