Winner Gets Pleased

Ultimate surrender is the best site to come and visit when you want to see some hot and sexy babes doing some wrestling in the nude. But first a little bit about the rules. As with normal wrestling, you are suppose to make your opponent tap out, but the only difference is that this is performed by some ready hot and sexy ladies and of course in the nude. And the different rule that goes around here is that the winner gets to play however she wants with the babe she defeated. And be sure that there’s a ton of sex toys that get put to some good use in every single match too. Well we bet you want to see this ultimatesurrender scene get started so let’s watch the first matchup?

This first match features a blonde babe and a brunette one for the first fight. And of course you get to see their intros in the start as well, giving you stats and data on them too. When it goes down to it, the brown haired babe was definitely favored here, and she shows her dominance right from the start as it doesn’t take her long to put her opponent in a strong leg lock that the babe can’t get out of. And since her head is between the blonde’s legs, you can also check her out eating that pussy out to make her weaker too. Sure enough the blonde babe lost so her holes belonged to the victor by the end of this scene. Enjoy seeing the wrestling scene and see you soon!


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