Ultimate Surrender – Loser Gets Fucked

Welcome to this week’s ultimate surrender match where you get to see another struggle for the win between a pair of simply delicious ladies. This time split into team red and team yellow. This was a normal match for the two to progress in the tour bracket and it sure went down in an amazing way, so rest assured that you need to check this out without delay today. Let’s take the time to see another pair of eager and horny babes getting down and dirty with each other as they don’t play by the rules in their kinky wrestling match today. Either way, one of them was getting her sweet and wet pussy dildo fucked and there was no way around it so let’s get those cameras rolling shall we?

As soon as the matchup starts like all the matches that you’ve seen, this one starts as a battle of attrition with neither babe getting to prove stronger than the other. Red takes yellow to the mat where she hopes to get the advantage, but it seems that yellow still can’t be subdued. That’s until red finds a dildo on the side of the ring and starts to make use of it. You can see Yellow quickly losing grip on red as the latter gets to play with that dildo and her cunt and it doesn’t even need to go to the ultimatesurrender, as it seems to be going down midway through the match. So watch the long haired babe moaning in pleasure as her cunt gets stretched in the ring with a big toy! Bye!


See the loser of the fight getting dildo fucked!