Ultimate Surrender – Girls Fighting

Hey hey hey, we have some more fresh and hot ultimate surrender updates to show you and just like usual they are nothing short of incredible. What can you expect to see in today’s scene? well the claim that it’s incredible isn’t false, you get to see what happens in tag matches this time. So now, we have two teams with three fighters each as they get around to prove their supremacy in this teaming up wrestling match. All nude too of course as is customary of ultimatesurrender here. Anyway, the teams are black and green and we’ll refer to them like that just like we did in past scenes as well. So let’s sit back and enjoy the view of this gallery as we bet you’re eager to check it out too!

So yeah, what you can expect to fin here today in this multi babe matchup is a struggle for the belt and it’s nothing short of incredible to behold as well. Let’s get straight to business as the babes enter the ring. And the extra rules dictate that they can tag in and out with their teammates on the fly too. That makes for some quality entertainment as you get to see the match slide from one team to the other as their members dominate one another. Well at one point, two black team members ended up teaming on a green one and that spelt the doom for the team as she couldn’t get up. See the green team getting fucked with sex toys afterwards for some incredible scenes as well!


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