Ultimate Fight

Hey there again everyone, ultimate surrender here with some more new scenes. We know how much you adore seeing some sexy babes having their wrestling style catfights and you can see them deciding a victor and a loser. And the best part about the whole deal is that the loser has to do the winner’s bidding, which usually is just a all out fuck fest being on the receiving end right there in the middle of the ring! Anyway, today we have two of our champions settling a grudge match and they represent the purple and green teams respectively. Let’s not waste anymore time and just get those cameras rolling to see our two babes try the ultimatesurrender shall we?

Purple and green are starting it strong with both of them attempting for a good while to gain a foothold over the other’s position without much success. And after some time, the fight goes to the floor where green knows she can win as she has more superior grapple techniques. And all would have worked fine for her if purple hadn’t employed some dirty tricks. Which of course involved her starting to play with green’s pussy which made her loose focus for a second. And a second was all that was needed for that grip to reverse. Enjoy seeing green lose the match to that naughty finger fucking deal and then see her fucked hard some more by the victor on the arena floor today! Bye bye for now and see you soon!


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