One on One Fight

Today’s ultimate surrender scene features another superbly hot and sexy one on one fight with a blonde and a brown haired babe. This is just between the two of them and we’ll call them pink for the blonde and green for the other babe respectively. Green here wants to move up some categories, but as you know, it’s not as easy as just noting your name down vs heavier opponents. And to break out of her category, she has to go through pink here which guards the next category with sternness. So today’s match was for them to settle this once and for all. And pink’s been waiting for this ultimatesurrender match for a time now as she wants to teach green a thing or two about respecting the better fighters.


As it turns out, green tends to be disrespectful to pink anyway and this scene was going to end up teaching one of them a lesson. As a hint, it’s green, but you can already tell that can’t you? well anyway, pink makes quick work of green’s attacks and before green knows it, she’s taken to the floor and put in a pretty strong leg lock that she cannot hope to break free due to her size and small weight. And she just sits there until she’s forced to tap out to the blonde. And now as the victor, you can see pink having all the fun that she wants with green’s pussy, teasing her and finger fucking her right there in the ring to teach her a lesson in respect. Enjoy the update and see you all soon!

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