Fight Night

Fight Night is the main ultimate surrender event venue that everyone gets to come and see and of course it features a audience as well. And nothing makes these babes fight harder for the win than the prospect of getting to be on the receiving end of a strap on dildo right in front of a crowd. Today it was blue vs green, but since only one green member was able to show, this would quickly become a two on one situation where the green team would end up losing fast. It’s okay, there were many more matches that took place, but this one is by far the best as the green team babe didn’t even try to fight it. She just let the blonde and the ebony red head do what they wanted to her!


Which is pretty courteous of her to take her ultimatesurrender punishment in front of the crowd. That or she was just horny and she wanted to get double teamed by the other two babes. Well whatever the case, it was over quick with the two declared the winners. So the dildos came out and the chocolate babe along with the blonde first take the green team babe from both ends, one penetrating her pussy and the other making her suck that dildo. Before you know it, the two are double fucking her in her ass and pussy while she moans loudly in pleasure. Great scene with great babes and you can be sure that some more of them will arrive next week as well. So let’s check them out!

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